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In the MC2 continuity, which is an alternative future of the Earth-616, Jonah is still the publisher of the Daily Bugle. He hired May Parker, the daughter of Peter, as a photographer. Ironically, he was very supportive of Spider-Girl, in contrast to his stance of her father (in the Earth-982 universe, Spider-Man's identity was never made public). He also supported "Project Human Fly", which was another attempt to make a superhero, this time in response to the death of Joseph "Robbie" Robertson at the hands of Doctor Octopus. When "Buzz" Bannon, the intended subject for Project Human Fly was murdered and the suit stolen, he immediately condemned The Buzz, who stole the suit. He was unaware that The Buzz is his own grandson, Jack "J. J." Jameson.[citation needed]

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Normal human male who engages in little regular exercise


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