J. Jonah Jameson was the the editor in chief at the Daily Bugle.


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When Spider-Man was supposedly creating a massive spree of crime throughout New York City, Jonah decided to uncover Spider-Man's identity, and to expose him for those crimes. He came to the Avengers Academy looking for clues, and contacted Nick Fury, who he was also investigating for the secrets he had been hiding from everyone. Believing his journalistic skills would help the students, Nick proposed that he moved the Daily Bugle building close to the Academy, so the students would be able to learn something from him. Jonah answered his proposition by telling him he just wanted him closer so his spies could keep an eye on him, but regardless of that he eventually moved there.[1]

Powers and Abilities


J. Jonah Jameson is a normal human with no powers.


  • JJJ debuted in the first Spider-Man event in 2016, but only became playable in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming event.[1]

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