J. Jonah Jameson editor-in-chief and publisher of Daily Bugle. He ran a smear campaign against Spider-Man, describing him as teaming-up with the villains he fights.[1]

One day, Jonah was confronted by a Kraven the Hunter, who was looking for an unnamed photographer. He initially believed him to be an agent and told him the photographer, Peter Parker, wouldn't be credited. When Kraven revealed his identity to Jonah, he attempted to tell the hunter that Parker wouldn't be able to help him, but Kraven ignored him.[2]

Another time, Captain America stormed into Jameson's office after he published an article falsely proclaiming Spider-Man to be an agent of A.I.M.. He forced Jonah to write the true story and temporarily shave off his mustache due to its resemblance to Adolf Hitler's mustache.[3]

Jonah once broke his rule of only paying employees at the end of the week at the request of Parker so that the young lad could afford the expenses of homecoming.[4]

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