Quote1.png Heroes, villains... They're all the same. They have powers so they think they can do whatever they want. Something needs to be done, and we certainly cannot count on the President or any of his flunkies to attend to it. Quote2.png
-- Alchemax C.E.O. src


This Skrull impersonated an elder J. Jonah Jameson as the C.E.O. of Alchemax in the 2099 A.D.[1]

Along with the Skrull Power Pack, he was given a personal backstory to explain why he was still alive in the year 2099; according to "Jameson" himself, Spider-Man would have made a pact with the Devil to make him immortal after the death of his second wife, Liz Allan, as a punishment.[2]

Revealed as a Skrull

Under unspecified circumstances he took control of Alchemax, becoming its C.E.O.[1]

At an unspecified point, the Sinister Six took control of Alchemax, removing both the CEO and Tyler Stone from their positions; however, after a battle with an alternate Spider-Man they were recruited by the terrorist organization The Fist in the 2015 A.D., and Jameson returned in charge.[3]

Jameson, with the help of Alchemax's Public Eye and S.H.I.E.L.D., captured all of the heroes of Nueva York, with the idea of having them killed; the heroes were later saved by Spider-Man and his resistance. When the Power Pack was unmasked to be a Skrull infiltrated team, Spider-Man successfully revealed the C.E.O.'s true nature. He was then killed by Deadpool.[2]


Seemingly those of a typical Deviant Skrull.


Seemingly those of the J. Jonah Jameson of Earth-616.

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