John Kaluu was a sorcerer soldier in the U.S. Army who became the new Soldier Supreme after the original disappeared into the Dark Dimension. He fought against the communists during the Cold War but was to out of control due to the practices of dark magic and his philosophy that the end justifies the means.

He was temporarily trapped in a stasis spell by the military but eventually broke free after the return of Stephen Rogers. Rogers won back his title from Kaluu but the sorcerer chose to become an uneasy ally ever since. Now operating for the government under the name U.S.Archmage, Rogers believed that Kaluu would turn against him and his friends given the opportunity.

U.S.Archmage opening up a portal to the Purple Zone

Kaluu later on appeared during a battle between Rogers and Iron Hammer where he struck the Asgardian down with a concussive blast. Archmage kept the pressure on Odinson until the god called upon his hammer which flew to his side knocking Kaluu off balance.[1]

Archmage reacted back by opening a shield portal which had tentacles come out of it and grabbed both Odinson and Rogers. Kaluu was trying to send them to Purple Prison 42 in the Purple Zone so they could be interrogated. But before that could be pulled in, Weapon Hex transported the both of them out of there leaving Kaluu clueless as to what had happened.[2]


Seemingly those of the U.S. Agent of Earth-616 and those of the Kaluu of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the U.S. Agent of Earth-616 and those of the Kaluu of Earth-616.


Cloak of Levitation

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