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The Bookie was in charge of setting up gambling bets at the Bar with No Name. However, after losing a lot of money due to Spider-Man's victory during the Overdrive incident, he started to use Screwball to dress as Spider-Man. Once the Enforcers realized what he was doing, they captured him and forced him to return their money. After being saved by Spider-Man, the Bookie planned to repay the favor by learning who the Spider-Tracer killer was.[1]

Eventually, the Bookie after snooping around on different leads, including visiting J. Jonah Jameson,[2] discovered the mysterious connection between the victims of the Spider-Tracer Killings just before he is murdered by an unknown assailant for learning too much and was painted as a Spider-Tracer victim.[3] His body was found by Boomerang and Shocker the next day who made an anonymous phone call, and the police believed that Bookie was another one of Spider-Man's apparent victims.

Later after it was revealed that the Spider-Tracer killer was actually a smear campaign set up by a group of New York cops to ruin Spider-Man's reputation to end his vigilante activities, Alan O'Neil revealed to his co-conspirator Vin Gonzales (who was being arrested after he admitted his activities to Carlie Cooper who discovered the tracers under Vin's bed in his apartment) that the Bookie was the only actual murder victim in their conspiracy because he noticed that all the officers that were reporting the victim sightings belonged to the same police precinct and was killed to silence his discovery.[citation needed]

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