John Laviano was one of the NYPD detectives who investigated the murder of Frank Castle's family in Central Park.[1] He helped Frank identify the killers after his recovery, although his supervisor, captain Howard Furniss, prohibited him to go on with the inquiry because the mobsters responsible for the massacre, the Costa mob, had all alibis (implying they had police connections in the top hierarchy of the department).[2] Laviano and his partner, Stan Witts, later received reports of several assaults on the Costas' network, which they accepted to deal with while, in reality, they threw away the dossier in retaliation for the police cover-up of the Central Park massacre.[3] Laviano was finally contacted by Frank Castle, now turned into the Punisher, who was behind the attacks all along, and felt compelled to reveal him the identity of Billy Russo, the hitman the Costas had used to kill Frank's former ally and Daily Bugle reporter: Mike McTeer.[4]


None, human.


  • Police training
  • Investiagtion

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