General John M'Butu was a fast-growing tribal leader and dictator from the African Salaw Province, which had recently broke away from Uganda. For six months, he had been leading a genocidal purge of other tribes in the region in a similar situation to the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. M'Butu developed superpowers due from being affected by the nano-virus from Hyperion's vessel in the 1970s, when he survived his assassination attempt by paid operatives inside his organization; being resilient to bullets and developing psychological abilities in converting enemies and friends alike into his followers, hence referred by his followers as "The Voice". Because of M'Butu's actions and his developing powers, the Squadron Supreme was sent to eliminate M'Butu. However, M'Butu managed to control Hyperion, Amphibian, and Doctor Spectrum to fight their team members. Fortunately, however, M'Butu was finally stopped and murdered by local African superhumans who silenced his voice and ripped him apart.

Powers and Abilities


John M'Butu display invulnerability which he can survive multiple bullet rounds, and possessing a "voice quality" which can mind-control people to do his bidding.


His counterpart on Earth-616 (and presumably Earth-712 which mirrors Earth-31916) is presumed to be Kinji Obatu. In addition to their similar last names, both are politicians of their world's Uganda and they each took control of their universe's power prism and Doctor Spectrum alter ego.

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