John Magnus (Earth-616) from Adventures into Terror Vol 1 9 0002

John Magnus

Graverobber John Magnus has made a killing off the jewelery he takes from the recently deceased, even selling younger bodies off for medical research. However, his business has taken a hit as the cemetary rats often beat him to the bodies, pulling them right thru the coffin into a series of tunnels.

Frustrated, John attempts to strip the jewelery off a corpse buried that morning. He pries open the coffin just in time to catch the rats pulling the body thru the bottom of the coffin. Not wanting to loss the profit, he grabs on to the corpse's ankles, but is dragged through the hole and underground. While fighting of the rats, the ground collapses on him, trapping him with the rats. John fights to free himself, fearful that the rats will eat him alive, however, through unrevealed circumstances, he is in fact transformed into a rat with a human head.[1]

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