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John is the child to Quincy and Gwen McIver, born in Kingston, Jamaica. At a young age, he worked as a house keeper at a resort; on one day, he eavesdropped on a family dispute between the McIvers and the Stokes on property control of Harlem's Paradise and the death of his father by the hand of Samuel Stokes.

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As night fell, a Molotov set him and his mom's house ablaze, prompting Gwen to wake John up and push him to safety; the fire soon engulfing the structure and killing her, John weeping while Mabel Stokes destroyed the legal papers concerning the earlier discussions.

In Trenton, Jamaica, John operated as a vendor, selling fruits to travellers. He was approached by Peter Stokes who fired one shot into the young boy's abdomen before leaving, John collapsing to the ground as family quickly came to his aid. Paul Mackintosh carted John to a healer, who performed a ritual utilizing nightshade to heal him.[1]



  • Nightshade Enhancement: Upon performing an Obeah ritual and inhaling the nightshade herb, McIver is able to develop heightened, superhuman attributes.
    • Superhuman Strength: Bushmaster's strength was able to match that to Luke Cage and provide internal damages to every punch and kick.
    • Superhuman Durability:
    • Superhuman Speed:
    • Superhuman Agility:
    • Superhuman Reflexes:
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Upon inhaling nightshade, Bushmaster's skin healed from gunshot wounds; the healing factor also functioned when the herb was spread onto his body, allowing for his body to repair from scars and tearing.


  • Martial Arts: Bushmaster is heavily skilled in a variety of mixed martial arts; the use of this skill has allowed him to overpower many of his opponents and kill Nigel Garrison.
  • Acrobats:
  • Bilingual: Josh McIver has the ability to speak English and Jamaican Patois.


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