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John Myers was a recently-graduated unemployed teenager, who decided to go to the Hobgoblin's course to reinvent himself into a super hero, initially believing it was to become a super villain.[1]

Months later, he became one of Hobgoblin's Hob-Heroes, now known as the Missile Mate. However, when Phil Urich confronted Kingsley in his headquarters, Myers was convinced by Urich's claims that the Hobgoblin would soon abandon the heroes he had trained.

Missile Mate went to Urich's headquarters and asked him to join him to be a supervillain. Urich was reluctant since he already had the loyalty of half the villians Kingsley abandoned after his inversion, but Myers soon showed him that he had also gathered to join his cause the other half of the villians.[2]

In order to be admitted into Goblin Nation, Myers had to kill the Hobgoblin in public. John used a parade being held in celebration of the recently-announced Hobgoblin Day as the opportunity to murder Kingsley. However, Kingsley had anticipated Myer's betrayal, and when he delivered the fatal blow, Missile Mate had merely hit a holographic decoy.

After being confronted for his betrayal, the Goblin King and Goblin Nation attacked the parade. Even though Urich was bested in combat by Kingsley, Myers attempted to get away with him by using some bombs planted into Hobgoblin's Hob-Heroes as leverage. As the Hob-Heroes had been replaced by holograms during the fight, Kingsley "killed" with Pumpkin Bombs so to eliminate Myer's need for the detonator and let the authorities successfully apprehend him and Urich.[3]

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