Quote1 Fat-Face [Paul de Kraft] has wounded my father .... and for that Fat-Face shall die! Quote2
-- David Rand (Ka-Zar) src

John Rand was father of Ka-Zar (David Rand). He was of British origin and owner of a rich diamond fields located in Transvaal, South Africa, and had a wife Constance.

In 1921, when flying with his family from Johannesburg to Cairo, their plane crashed in the Belgian Congo. They were stranded in the jungle and while attempting to signal rescue planes John also protected his son David from the dangers of the jungle. Eventually, the rescue planes stopped passing by and Constance died of jungle fever.

Deciding it would be best to try and make it to civilization on foot, John attempted to lead the young David out of the jungle. However, the two were caught in a storm and John suffered a blow to the head which made him think that the jungle was their home. He raised his son to survive in the jungle and educated him in reading and writing.

The two lived together in the jungle, and years later they came across Paul de Kraft, a man searching for jewels in the region. Seeing de Kraft's presence as an intrusion, John confronted him and demanded his departure from the jungle.

While David was off inspecting the wonders of Paul de Kraft's camp, de Kraft and his minions found the house that he shared with his father John. There they mortally wounded John, and when David came back home he was threatened by Paul de Kraft. John died after David was rescued by the lion Zar, who frightened the killer away.

Although John died, his son was adopted by Zar the lion and became known as the legendary hero Ka-Zar.[1][2]

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