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John Romita

John Romita Sr. (Earth-1218)

Real Name
John Victor Romita
John Romita; Johnny Romita; John Romita Sr.

Marvel; Atlas; Star Comics; Curtis Magazines; Marvel UK; DC Comics


Place of Birth

Date of Birth

January 24, 1930

Personal History

He was born in the borough of Brooklyn. He is the husband of ex-Marvel Traffic Manager Virginia Romita and father of artist John Romita Jr..

Professional History

He became Art Director for Marvel in the early 1970s. He created Spidey Super Stories,[1] intended for a younger audience. Said Romita: "We worked under the guidance of child psychologists to create these books."[2]
He also headed Romita's Raiders which consisted of young apprentices who could learn the craft from Romita.

Work History

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