John Rost gained the paranormal ability of superhuman durability in the White Event, and afterwards became a patient at the Clinic for Paranormal Research, where he was assigned to Therapy Group D and was commonly known as Scrap Iron. [citation needed]

Scrap Iron was a friend and workout buddy of Bazooka until Bazooka joined the militant Black Powers and the two men became antagonists, even brawling in the hallways until Security broke them up. [citation needed]

When the Clinic was raided by cops, Scrap Iron tried to make a break for it with two of the women patients Pamela Leighton and Sally Gallagher, but Sally was shot by a cop. Incensed, Scrap Iron attacked the cop, shrugging off his shotgun blasts, before grabbing his gun and apparently beating him to death with it. [citation needed]

It is unknown if Scrap Iron survived the resulting battle between cops and patients in the Clinic, though given the nature of his paranormality, it's likely he did. If he did survive, it's likely he was drafted into the military like other male paranormals. [citation needed]


Scrap Iron possessed the power of superhuman durability. It is unknown how durable he was, but he was able to survive being shot, even at close range.


Scrap Iron had some ability in hand-to-hand combat.

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