John Saint was the son of Livia Saint and Howard Saint, and the identical twin brother of Bobby Saint. John was one of the participants that headed to Puerto Rico to assassinate Frank Castle and his family. During Castle's ambush on Howard's casino, Saints & Sinners, John was trapped under fallen debris. Castle found him and put an eight-pound, trip-wire activated grenade in his hand. John was apparently killed when his arm gave out, causing the grenade to detonate.[1]

  • Appears in the non-canon The Punisher video game. The explosion did not kill him, but sent John through a window disfiguring his face. Using the name "Jigsaw", he took up his father's old business vowing revenge on the Punisher. He was also a lieutenant of a rogue Yakuza organization called the "Eternal Sun". After being defeated by the Punisher, Jigsaw is seemingly killed when he was thrown out of a flying helicopter to be delievered to the cops.

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