John Trent was an explorer and collector of rare and strange artifacts. In the summer of 1942, he sought out the headless idol of India, for its rare and valuable emerald stone. Because the object was considered sacred and also supposedly cursed, with legends saying those who sought the emerald were later found decapitated. Trent put an expensive insurance on the emerald, secretly hoping that it would be stolen so that he could cash in on the policy. Despite the warnings of his Indian guide Sidot, Trent obtained what he thought was the real idol. However, Sidot -- hoping to keep the treasure safe -- produced a fake, with the original remaining in India.

Sidot, with the aid of some of his colleagues, attempted to slay Trent and steal the phony gem in order to make people believe in the curse. Their attempt to behead Trent was stopped by Father Time who was going to visit Trent in his civilian identity of Larry Scott. After saving Trent's life a number of times from his attackers, Trent demanded that Father Time give up the emerald, blurting out the truth about the insurance policy.

When Father Time refused to listen, Trent pulled a gun out on the hero and the would-be jewel thieves. Father Time disarmed Trent and learned about the double cross from Sidot. Trent, Sidot and his men were all turned over to the authorities.[1] Trent's subsequent fate is unknown.




Trent armed himself with a pistol.

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