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Verpoorten was Marvel's Producton Manager. When he and a large number of the Marvel Bullpen went to the beach one day, they found the Sub-Mariner laid out by the tide, unconscious after an encounter with the Alpha Centaurians.[2]

At one point, he bumped into Jack Kirby in Marvel's offices and insisted in stopping him to congratulate him, in the name of the whole Bullpen, for his work in 2001. Verpoorten was unaware that the Impossible Man was attacking the office and Kirby trying to escape from him. Their chit-chat was thus interrupted with a bang! when the Impossible Man knocked down a door on them. At seeing the point-eared green alien, Verpoorten believed he was a pushy free-lancer hired by Stan Lee.[1]

Verpoorten was later seen interrupting Marv Wolfman's interview with Nova about a proposed comic book based on the neophyte hero. He berated Wolfman about being late on Tomb of Dracula "again!", and when Marv replied that his contact tracking Dracula had not phoned him yet to report Dracula's steps, Verpoorten replied that he should then make up a story. Fortunately, Wolfman received the longed call immediately afterward.[3]

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