When Captain America went on the run after refusing to give up his title to the government, the government recruited Walker and the Bold Urban Commandos (or BUCKies) to hunt Rogers down. During a rally in Washington Square to support Rogers where Rogers himself attended, Walker and the BUCKies arrived in a helicopter to arrest Rogers. A fight ensued between Walker's side and Rogers' that was eventually broken up by Nick Fury and SHIELD. The President later announced a compromise: Walker would work for the government and Rogers would work independently. Red Skull, who organized the entire situation, ordered one of his minions to kill Rogers. After Rogers' death, Walker became the new Captain America. However, Walker became unstable and beat Meteorite of the Resistants to death, enjoying the violence he could inflict as Captain America. Walker was forced to give up the Captain America title and imprisoned in the Vault.[1]


Seemingly those of the John Walker of Earth-616.


Formerly Captain America's Shield


During his time in the BUCKies, he rode in a helicopter.

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