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John Watkins III was raised to be Citizen V. Presumably he served as a field agent for the V Battalion before he actually took the title of Citizen V and was left comatose for five years. When Helmut Zemo's mind was placed in Watkins' body he was remarkably healthy for someone who had been in a bed for five years.

When Helmut was no longer possessing him, Watkins decided to change costumes and stayed on as Citizen V. He soon found himself fighting the Everlasting.

He installed ULTIMATUM as the leader of the country Rumekistan but that was a decision which later came back to haunt him. Later under the holographic guise of Nenad Petrovic, Watkins orchestrated events to make Cable leader of Rumekistan.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[3]
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Has demonstrated remarkable physical abilities.


Skilled martial artist, athlete, strategist, swordsman, and marksman.



Saber and pistol




  • There is a mention in Citizen V (Vol 2) that John Watkins III is the seventh Citizen V. There are only six known Citizen V: John Watkins I, II, and III; Paulette Brazee, Helmut Zemo, and Dallas Riordan. The identity of this other Citizen V has never been revealed.

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