Quote1 Elementary, my dear Mulan. Quote2
-- Dr. Watson src

Little is detailed about Dr. Watson’s life before Dreadpool began murdering the inhabitants of the Ideaverse, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as John Watson from the series of Sherlock Holmes novels.

Sherlock Holmes, recruited Watson before using H.G. Wells' Time Machine to recruit Beowulf, Natty Bumppo and Hua Mulan in order to stop Dreadpool from destroying the Ideaverse.[1]

Holmes and his allies discovered the chaos left in Dreadpool's wake on the Island of Doctor Moreau, 1896, Lilliput, 1699, and Rome, 44 B.C..[2]

Sherlock's allies eventually met up with Dreadpool and Frankenstein's Monster in Paris, 1627, after they had slain the Three Musketeers. Holmes and Watson watched the ensuing battle from the side, until Watson shot out the Monster's brain, allowing Dreadpool's inner voice to return to him.[3]

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