John Wayne was a movie star. To date most of his appearances in Marvel publications should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

Wayne was popular because of his lasso tricks. At one point, The Thing of the Fantastic Four compared the Human Torch, who was using his flame as a lasso, to John Wayne.[2]

Apocryphal Appearances

He was depicted as one of the inspirations of Harlan Krueger to become the vigilante Hangman.[1]

When the mayor of New York was asked ransom for the Fantastic Four, he phoned former a former actor-turned-presidential candidate depicted as Ronald Reagan to see whether he had the telephone number of a movie hero identified as Wayne. Apparently either Reagan did not, or Wayne could not help.[3]

A movie star depicted as Wayne once met the Thing while walking through Los Angeles. The Thing asked the movie star for an autograph for himself, pretending it was for his nephew, but the movie star was in a hurry and a policeman, believing the Thing was a guy in disguise, chased him away, giving the movie star a chance to escape.[4]


Skilled using a lasso.[2]

In the real world, John Wayne's real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison, born Marion Robert Morrison. In Earth-616, no source confirmed this.

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