Lego Marvel Superheroes

In the Central Park circus, Ghost Rider helps Iceman, Black Widow, and Hawkeye defeat Nightmare by smashing into him with his bike.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

In Asgard Ghost Rider's near the volcano. He needs help finding a good bike. You need to ask several civilians for information. The info you need is A merchant in the ‘city of many colors’ sells something of great interest to an Asgardian traveler and An Asgardian found a merchant on his travels who sells black, flaming two-wheeled carriages. Then, you'll need to follow Ghost Rider and fight several enemies on the way to the bike shop.


Demonic Transformation

  • Hellfire Manipulation


Ghost Rider's Motorcycle


Ghost Rider's Chain

  • Ghost Rider has being made into a minifigure in 2016, in a set named "Ghost Rider Team Up", featuring Spider Man, him and Hobgoblin.

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