Quote1 ...and you're right. There was someone there when I came to. But it wasn't a good samaritan. It was the Devil. Whatever was inside him...he passed it into me. Quote2
-- Robbie Reyes src

Johnny Blaze was, for a time, the Ghost Rider. After Robbie Reyes and his brother, Gabe, were involved in a brutal assault and car crash, Blaze arrived on the scene and rescued the now-crippled Gabe from the burning vehicle. Robbie, however, had been flung from the vehicle and died upon hitting the ground. After investigating his body, Johnny passed his spirit of vengeance into Robbie, resurrecting him and transforming him into the new Ghost Rider.[1]


  • Power Bestowal: He was able to grant Robbie Reyes demonic powers, similar to his own.
  • Immortality: Even with a bullet in his head, he still functions as if the injury never happened.
  • Mediumship: He was able to sense Robbie's mental prayers for vengeance.


Hell Cycle

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