Dr. Johnathon Ohnn was a scientist who worked on the inter-dimensional technology for Stark Enterprises inventing the Time-Dilation Accelerator. However, Tony Stark fired him and terminated the project, considering it too dangerous to continue after Carnage and Baron Mordo stole it and almost used it to release Dormammu to their dimension. Ohnn was bitter about this, but was approached by Wilson Fisk, who offered to provide him a lab for him to continue the project. Unaware that Fisk was secretly the Kingpin of Crime, Ohnn agreed, and took an instant liking to his new lab partner, Silvia Lopez.

After they were successful in recreating the technology, Johnathon was accidentally sucked into a portal, and became a magnet to the portals which attached to him. The incident also scattered several portals around the city, but Johnathon managed to close them all before they cause any damage. However, one portal was left open and gradually began to widen.

Calling himself the Spot, Ohnn proceeded to rob banks and jewelry stores to fund his own research, planning to set up his own lab for him and Silvia, with whom he had fallen in love. He also planned to take down the Kingpin, but Fisk had already taken Silvia hostage. Kingpin tried to force him into capturing Spider-Man to ensure her safety, but the Spot double-crossed him and convinced Spider-Man to work with him to save Silvia. However, everyone became distracted by the portal which had previously been left open by Ohnn, which had widened and threatened to engulf the entire world. Kingpin put aside his differences and provided Ohnn with a plane so that he could close it, and Johnathon sacrificed himself to do so, along with Silvia who went with him so that they could be together. The pair's final fate remains unknown, but given the nature of Spot's powers, it is possible they survived and are now living in an alternate dimension.[1]


Seemingly those of the Spot of Earth-616.

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