Johnny Do (not his real name) was a young, severely autistic paranormal boy being held at the Russian facility called the Siberian Project, although his place of origin is unknown (Johnny does not speak, so even his native language is unknown). His captors considered him dangerous and uncontrollable due to his pyrokinetic abilities coupled with his autism, and planned to lobotomize him until prevented from doing so by another of their inmates, Psi-Force member Thomas Boyd, who took control of their facility and forced them to make a deal: he would work to socialize 'Johnny' (the name Boyd gave the child) and make him into the assett the Russians wanted him to be, but if he failed, the Russians could terminate him and turn 'Johnny' loose on their enemies. Shortly afterward however, Psi-Force escaped the Project, taking Johnny Do with them. He remained with them when they became freelance operatives for the covert organization known as the Medusa Web. He appeared to be gradually beginning to interact with the world around him thanks to Boyd's patient care, but remained totally uncommunicative and clearly never quite understood what was going on around him, though he was fiercely protective of Boyd and could at times be quite playful.

According to an interview given by Psi-Force member Wayne Tucker some ten years later, Johnny was later injured in unrevealed circumstances, but was still alive. This report remains unconfirmed.[citation needed]


  • Pyrokinesis: Johnny is a paranormal with the power of pyrokinesis. In addition to generating and controlling flame, he also learned to glide by creating a type of updraft.

"Dehman Doosha" is roughly translated as "The Demon Within"

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