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Johnny Revere

Johnny Revere was a "screw ball" socialite during the 1940's. He was an unemployed inventor and swordsman who squandered his family estate. He was set to marry Gloria Delmare, who had a wealthy aunt. A thrill seeker he often committed thefts and had never been caught. By 1948, Johnny's estate was bankrupt. Unwilling to give up his opulent life style and get legitimate work, Johnny instead decided to return to thievery, this time a necessity he required. Having been called the "Gay Blade" by his society chums, he developed a costumed identity and adopted the moniker as his nom de plume, using swords and his various inventions to assist in his crimes.

As the local winter carnival was beginning, the Gay Blade targeted Gloria's aunt and broke into her mansion in order to rob her safe. While he succeeded in disarming the outdoor alarm, he failed to disarm the one wired into the safe. He had the bad luck of robbing the mansion on the night that Gloria's aunt had the Human Torch and Toro as guests in her home. The pair were easily able to disarm the Gay Blade with their flame powers, but were forced to flame off or risk lighting the mansion on fire. The Gay Blade then managed to escape when Mrs. Delmare entered the room with a gun, initially accusing the two heroes for robbing her but she soon learned the truth.

The Gay Blade fled the scene in a one-man helicopter of his own design. He landed it near his property when spotting Gloria coming by for a visit. Doffing his costume, Johnny convinced her that he was out on a walk. When she informed him that he aunt had been robbed, he agreed to accompany her back to the Delmare mansion. There he witnessed as the Torch marveled over the Gay Blade's use of swords and knives to break into the mansion. Johnny made the mistake of gloating about his swordsmanship and quickly recanted them in order to try and avoid suspicion. However, the damage was done and the Torch began investigating him and tapped Revere as the most likely suspect. Revere soon became aware that the Torch and Toro were then watching him and decided to eliminate them. He broke into their room and replaced the Torch's razor blades with ones coated with a deadly poison, but the Torch was able to notice this switch before shaving his face the following morning.

The Gay Blade met his defeat when he fell for one of the Torch's traps: His own girlfriend Gloria -- who was Queen of the Winter Fair -- was to wear a crown worth fifteen thousand dollars. Using specially made skates to skate on telephone poles, the Gay Blade attempted to steal the crown but fell to his death. The story closes with a view of Johnny Revere's grave, where he rests beneath blades of grass.[1]


Johnny Revere was a master swordsman and sword swallower.


At one point the Gay Blade used specially made skates that allowed him to "skate" on telephone wires.


The Gay Blade briefly used a one man helicopter of his own design.


The Gay Blade implemented various swords and throwing daggers to commit his crimes.

It should be noted that the usage of "Gay" here is by it's original definition, which is to be happy, as opposed to the more modern usage of the term which is in reference to someone who is homosexual. As such, the character "Gay Blade" is akin to calling him "Happy Blade".

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