Johnny Roarke was a longtime citizen of Springdale, Connecticut, as well as a notorious criminal who was eventually and imprisoned thanks to assistant D.A. Justin Baldwin. Returning after years in prison, he and his henchman Jenks came into town by plane, attempting to ambush Baldwin. Roarke had the luck to catch not only Baldwin, but his wife Maddie as well. Taking them out into the woods behind the Baldwins’ house, Roarke attempted to execute them, but was foiled by the intervention of the town’s local would-be super-hero, Speedball. Actually, the young “masked marvel” was the Baldwins’ son Robbie, who had accidentally gained uncontrollable kinetic energy powers from his art-time job at a research lab; trying to get his power to settle down near his home, he had seen Roarke and Jenks holding his parents at gunpoint from a hilltop, and activated his powers while trying to tackle them. His powers causing the appearance of his costume and altering the sound of his voice, Robbie went unrecognized by his parents as he awkwardly fought the two criminals, ho were thus captured and taken away by the police. Thus, Roarke’s revenge was foiled while Speedball unintentionally made his first public appearance.



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