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The Jokester was a villain living in the AC Universe (sometimes known as "Dee See"), an isolated dimension that could be accessed from the Marble Universe. For five decades, the Jokester was a devoted and dedicated desperado, and his fame reached Marble heroes such as Sore and Scaredevil.[1] In Dee See, the Jokester was sometimes beaten up, literally batted, by the superhero alternatively known as Bat-Man or Mr. Bat-mom (who used a bat).[4]

Smacks of Vengeance

During the 1980s, many Dee-See heroes became deranged sociopaths, which affected the Jokester and several other local villains: If the villains kept on with their stuff, they would be performing the same feats as the heroes, thus they would be considered heroic! Besides, one certain writer mentioned that the Jokester achieved his characteristic smile by smearing lipstick, which was understood as a cosmetic product for females, and this affected the Jokester's perceived masculinity: Further stories identified the Jokester as the "clown princess of crime."[1]

The Jokester and other Dee See villains were approached by disgrunted Marble villain Low Key, who was unsatisfied with his own treatment in Marble. Low Key recruited many Dee See villains, including Jokester, to raid the Marble Universe and be detrimental to local heroes.[1]

Jokester started by scrambling Scaredevil's radar sense, which caused him and his amazing Grace to fall to an alley from a high position. Jokester intended to coup-de-grace Scaredevil with a gun, but he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of superhero Sore. Jokester perceived Sore as substantially more powerful than himself, and was scared. Fortunately, further Dee See villains including Sinestronie reinforced the Jokester against Sore. Then, other Marble heroes in turn reinforced Sore and were opposed by newcoming Dee See heroes - it is unclear whether Jokester remained there or escpaed.[1]

However, the growing presence of Dee See villains alerted Marble's main superhero team, the Revengers. They investigated and Revenger Motorola discovered Low Key's plot, making him confess. The Dee See villains gathered there, their scheme in shambles. Revenger Wisp asked the Dee See villains why they had followed Low Key and, while all the villains explained, the Jokester was the main spokesperson, giving his own personal motivation along with the general ones. The Revengers were sorry for the Dee See villains and offered them alternatives, but Jokester explained that they had already considered them: They could not go on a strike, because in that case the heroes would fight each other; nor they could use retcon as Chaplain America did, because of the then-recent Crisis[1] (not an economical crisis, but the Legendary Crisis of the Infinite Millenium).[5] Buckeye suggested that the Jokester and his peers hid in Dee-See Universe, where no-one would know of their problem - because no-one was reading Dee See books! The Jokester agreed to be sent back to Dee See.[1]

More Evil Activities

While in Dee See, local supervillain Leaks Luthor schemed against local hero team Just-a-League, because they intended to recruit new members. However, the Jokester obstacled Luthor's way because the Jokester was a more popular supervillain due to a recent movie. Luthor agreed to leave, and the Jokester decided to contact Marble villain Kranky, an enemy of the Revengers, to suggest a joint venture which would cause a fight between both hero teams. While the Jokester phoned, Scott Lobdell drew Rurik Tyler drawing the Jokester and being watched by Dick Giordano, with Tom DeFalco in turn overseeing Giordano, and ended with Lobdell himself drawing the whole scene and finding it hilarious.[6]

In any case, the Jokester suggested Kranky to use an old trick: An anonymous hint to each superhero team about a certain warehouse under siege by villains, would make each team to enter, find other costumed people and assume that they are villains. The idea was successful, to Kranky's surprise. The Waste (previously Wisp) noticed the plot and vainly tried to warn her teammates. In any case, the heroes fought each other until sales were increased.[6]

The Jokester was later seen in the streets near the offices of Marble. At that point, the Jokester was spraying water to a laying, defeated Mr. Bat-mom. Marble hero Pulverizer was hopping on top of Mr. Bat-mom for unrelated reasons.[7]

Success and Movie Sequel

The success of the previously-mentioned movie motivated the studios to film a sequel, Bratman II: The Movie. In it, a fat, old, awarded actor portrayed the Jokester's version, "the Jerker." The Jerker impersonated Commissioner Gorgon and warned Bratman of a number of released villains, specifying the actors portraying them: The Pelican (Manny Libido), Ratwoman (McDonna) and Mr. Antifreeze (Jerry Lewis); however, as soon as Bratman reached their crime scenes, the villains were murdered by the Jerker. Finally, the Jerker revealed Bratman his identity, claiming that the franchise needed him due to his commercial value. The Jerker kidnapped Bratman's girlfriend Wicki (something he had already done in the first movie), and tried to tempt her with royalties. However, when Wicki discovered a pre-nup agreement, she rejected the Jerker and released Bratman against him. Bratman threatened to kill the Jerker by dropping him from a window, but the Jerker successfully seduced Bratman with sequel surplus. Finally, Bratman allied with the Jerker and left Wicki behind. This was all apparently a movie shown in the Marble Universe.[2]

The Jokester was later seen in Christmas eve at Bud's Sud, a pub frequented by superpowered people in Marble Universe. Marble hero The Inedible Bulk friendly patted the Jokester's elbow, explaining his identity problem while drinking a beer (Bulk was drinking a beer; Jokester was not seen with any drink). Soon afterward, the Bulk started fighting The Thang and ravaged the place, but the X-Persons were blamed for it.[3]


Somehow the Jokester can affect (and scramble) Scaredevil's radar sense, causing the hero to lose balance while swinging.[1]


The Jokester is a comic-book character and he knows it. He is familiar with the events affecting collections in Dee See Universe,[1] and can also understand the existence of several Earths.[1][6]

The Jokester can travel from the Dee See Universe to the Marble Universe.[1]


Walking stick, lipstick[1] and an artificial red clown nose.[6]


A normal gun[1] and a water-spraying gun.[7]

This character is a reference to D.C. Comics villain the Joker.

In What The--? #6, a passing character dressed as Batman refers to Jokesters as "Cesar", a reference to actor Cesar Romero portraying the Joker in the 1960s Batman TV serial and its spin-off film.

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