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Jolnir is the son of a Light Elf mother and a Frost Giant father. The only being like himself, Jolnir was born with power unmatched by any being in the Nine Realms. Rather than use the power to conquer and rule, he instead sought to use it to help those too weak to help themselves, the children of the Nine Realms. Each winter solstice, Jolnir sets out and delivers gifts to the children of the Nine Realms... all in one night, a feat unmatched by anyone.

On Midgard/Earth he is known as Santa Claus, the legendary gift-bringer of Christmas.



Seemingly those of Santa Claus of Earth-616.

  • Space-Time Manipulation: Chief among Jolnir's powers is the ability to manipulate the fabric of space/time. He can use this to slow down time on Christmas Eve, allowing him to do years worth of work delivering gifts to children in hours.
  • Advanced Superhuman Physical Abilities
    • Ageless immortality: Ymir claims Jolnir is every bit as ancient as himself, which would make him thousands of years old, predating Thor, Loki and even Odin.
  • Magic-Based Powers: His hybrid elf/giant nature has gifted Jolnir with immense reserves of mystical energy. He is an extremely powerful sorcerer, capable of holding his own against even the likes of Loki.


Seemingly those of Santa Claus of Earth-616.


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