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Dr. Jonah was a medical specialist from Melbourne, Australia. In 1957 he was brought to United States of America to have a look on a special patient: a preacher with an unknown disease who was quarantined for the fear of contagion. Jonah agreed to have a look at the man, but the preacher was in fact possessed by an alien organism,[1] a Gibborim known to others as Magistrate.[3] The preacher's body was failing, and so the Magistrate took over Jonah's body, systematically suppressing his mind until there was nothing left of the man. Taking over Jonah's life, the Magistrate eventually came upon the man named David Ellerh and helped him found the Church of Gibborim. The Magistrate fathered a daughter named Karolina with David's daughter Leslie and grew to love her very much. Because of that the Magistrate became unwilling to continue switching between Human bodies, as he was afraid it would cost him his connection with his daughter, and so he founded PRIDE with the goal of extending the lifespan of his host body with alien technology.[1]

The PRIDE and their children eventually turned against the man they knew only as Jonah and in the midst of conflict Nico Minoru fatally stabbed him in the back. The Magistrate escaped to take over a new host body, and for a brief moment Jonah's personality resurfaced before his body perished from the wounds.[4]

Powers and Abilities


While possessed by a Gibborim, Jonah's body displays many superhuman abilities:

  • Regeneration: Jonah's bodily fluids have regenerative properties.
  • Photokinesis: Jonah's biochemistry can generate and manipulate photo kinetic energies for offensive purposes or for the purposes of glamour.



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