Jonah Lamb and his father were travelling through China during the 1940s when tragedy struck them. While visiting Shanghai, a collapsing building claimed the life of the elder Lamb, leaving Jonah orphaned. With nowhere to go, the boy fled Shanghai and sought to travel around China on his own and find adventure. One night, he sought shelter in a nearby barn and found American adventurer Budd Powers inside. The two became fast friends and traveling partners.

The following day, they came into a small Chinese village under siege by raiders. Attacking the raiders, both Budd and Jonah were captured and tied up in a house while the raiders continued their looting. The duo were freed by a Chinese boy named Sen Yat, and they help the visitors send the raiders fleeing. Thanked by the villagers, Budd and Jonah only accepted a meal and a roof over the heads for the night in return for their bravery.[1]

Their subsequent activities are unrecorded.

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