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Jonas Hale was an administrator for the Roxxon Oil corporation.[1] He attempted to procure supplies of the valued mineral Vibranium from the nation of Wakanda, but when the Wakandans refused to sell their precious ore, Hale was forced to look elsewhere. His people discovered a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean that was rich in Vibranium, and not protected by any nations staking a claim. He put together a team to excavate the island and established a faux Naval regiment to guard the island and keep competitors from away from their operations. Hale's project was discovered by two known super-heroes, the Atlantean Prince Namor, and the Avenger known as Iron Man. Jonas Hale succeeded in capturing two of Iron Man's close allies, Jim Rhodes and Bethany Cabe. Iron Man and the Sub-Mariner exposed Roxxon's interests on the island, and Hale, determined to keep anyone else from discovering the Vibranium, detonated a supply of explosives that destroyed the island. Hale himself, however, managed to evade capture.

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