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Jonathan Caesar was the owner and resident of the spacious Manhattan apartment building Bedford Towers, in which Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane Watson came to live.

However, this was no accident, as Caesar was obsessively in love with the famous model Mary Jane, and had arranged it so she would move in to the building he owned and lived in. Caesar kidnapped Mary Jane and imprisoned her in a reinforced room inside Bedford Towers itself. Caesar hired Styx and Stone to oppose anyone who tried to investigate, such as Spider-Man, who was secretly Mary Jane's husband Peter.

Peter desperately searched for his wife across New York City, not realizing she was still within their apartment building. However, it was Mary Jane who would be responsible for her own rescue. Mary Jane knocked Caesar out with a lamp, stole his gun and made her escape. Caesar was sent to jail, but even while imprisoned, he used his business connections to have the couple evicted from his building, and had Mary Jane blacklisted from fashion companies, thus denying her modeling work. After getting out of jail, Caesar tried to kill Mary Jane, but was killed himself at the hands of Hal Goldman, another obsessive stalker who also wanted to possess Mary Jane.

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