Jackie Murdock was the son of Matt Murdock, the vigilante known as Daredevil and mayor of San Francisco, who had been born apparently without a trace of his father's super powers. Shortly after Jackie's birth, Matt retired from his super hero career.

When Jackie was fourteen months old, the inherited hypersenses abruptly appeared, and he was tormented by them. He would bruise at the merest touch and the simple scent of his mother's perfume would make his nose bleed. With the help of Dr. Valeria Richards, Jackie was cured six months later, and his hypersenses were suppressed. But he suffered from permanent psychological scars which would make him jump at the weakest sensitive stimuli if taken by surprise. Jackie later devoted to studying, and his father tried to make him exercise to be more active and social.

When he was 9 years old, and in the day before Matt's fiftieth birthday, Jack was part of the seventy-two percent of the population of San Francisco who lost their sight due to a strange phenomenon. This was a result of Jackie being one of the numerous inhabitants of the city who used cyber-optic eye-drops. His father discovered the responsible for this and managed to bring back the sight of those who had lost it, including Jackie, but at the cost of his super human abilities.

Back at his house, Jackie was helping Matt prepare their dog for a trial run as a guide dog. Matt offered Jack to join him in the walk, but he refused as he was scared for the wreckage there still was. As Matt and his dog were about to cross the street, a police car was approaching, which none of them noticed. Jackie quickly pushed Matt out of the way. As they were standing up, Jackie asked his father if he was going to be okay, for which he replied they both were.[1]


Formerly those of the Matt Murdock of Earth-616.

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