Early Life

Johnathan Gallagher was the son of Jack Beckley of the United States Air Force. John's grandparents were enraged when Jack went out to the South Pacific as a naval aviator; Jack was unaware that his fiancee was pregnant. Her family sent her to Florida to have the baby, who was then put up for adoption. Returning as a highly decorated hero; Jack married his fiancee and they had two children, Stephen and Rosemary.[citation needed]

Jack remained unaware of the existence of his older son, John. John eventually became a powerful figure in naval intelligence and developed his own top secret intelligence agency known as The Bridge. As the leader of the organisation, John was known as the Superior. Tracing his own background, John discovered the identity of his father. John went to see Colonel Jack Beckley and told him he was his son. Jack, however, not knowing the truth, said he had only one son. The vengeful John determined to destroy the Beckley name and arranged an airplane crash in which Colonel Beckley died.[citation needed]

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