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Rick Ramirez (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 5 0001.jpg
Agent Rick Ramirez
You, guys, are the Howling Commandos!
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Samuel Sawyer (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 5 001.jpg
Happy Sam Sawyer
I hate that name.
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Jonathan Juniper (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 5 001.jpg
Junior Juniper
I came up with that name...
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Jonathan "Junior" Juniper was a member of the Howling Commandos in the 1940's. Shortly after World War II, he was killed while on a mission with the Howling Commandos and the SSR in Belarus.[1]



  • Junior Juniper claims to have encountered a Yeti.[1]
  • In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there is a recording at the Smithsonian that says that Bucky Barnes was the only Howling Commando to give his life in service to his country. This however proves incorrect, as Junior was killed while assisting Agent Peggy Carter on a mission in Belarus.

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