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A former enemy of Dazzler back in her disco days, Johnny was never really a successful super-villain. Although he did constantly attempt to make it big with his partner and best friend, Doctor Sax, they never succeeded in realizing their goals.

Later on, during the events of Dark Reign, when Norman Osborn decided to try and retake the inter-dimensional prison 42, Johnny was recruited along with Doctor Sax to be a part of the Shadow Initiative that would lead a first assault on the prison. However, Johnny arrived early for a team briefing, and overheard Taskmaster and Constrictor discussing how weak the Shadow Initiative was and how its only purpose was to die while softening up the target. Sickened, Johnny returned to his room, and decided that he has always been a failure. However, he decides to leave a better life for his daughter and wife, and makes sure that they will be generously compensated by the government in the event of his death. He is killed during the assault on 42, but only dies after saving the life of Doctor Sax. His last thoughts are of his daughter, and that she can know that he died serving his country, for her.[2]


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  • Jonathan Logan was a professional-level lead guitarist.



Guitar capable of firing sonic blasts

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