Jonathan "Battling Jack" Murdock was a former workman/boxer husband of the paralegal/actress Maggie Murdock. One evening their son, Matthew, was accompanying his mother home from rehearsals, and the two were involved in a truck accident, which left Maggie in a coma and cost both she and Matthew their sight.[1]

With his wife hospitalized and his son disabled, Jack worked his way up boxing ranks filled with determination to pay the medical bills that were burying him. However, he soon discovered his fights had been rigged by the Maggia crime boss Silvermane. Initially agreeing to lose the final match in exchange for a payoff, Jack instead knocked out his opponent as a consequence of both pride and frustration, costing Silvermane a small fortune. Silvermane's men attacked Jack and Matt in revenge, and managed to fatally injure Jack before being stopped by the vigilante known as Stick, who took the boy under his wing.[1]

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