Jonathan Pangborn was working in a factory setting when he suffered an industrial accident that left him with a crippling spinal injury. Confined to a wheelchair, he soon suffered through more misadventure when he began experiencing pain in his shoulder, but despite the efforts of health professionals there was little that could be done for his ailing body. Pangborn eventually decided that if he couldn't elevate the state of his body he would try to elevate his mind, and so he sought out a succession of gurus and holy men before finally finding a teacher in a Nepalese sanctuary known as Kamar-Taj.

In Kamar-Taj, Pangborn learned how to channel extradimensional energy, and used that knowledge to rebuild his body. There was much more he could have learned there, but he was content with merely regaining the full use of his body, and so he returned to his old life back in the United States. Some time later he was approached by Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant surgeon who Pangborn had once unsuccessfully approached for treatment and who was now suffering from a crippling injury of his own. Pangborn took pity on the man and told him of Kamar-Taj before parting company.

A long time afterwards, Pangborn was approached by an old acquaintance from Kamar-Taj, Karl Mordo, who spoke to him at length about the true purpose of magic. Mordo's intensity quickly put Pangborn on edge and had him reaching for his workshop tools for something to defend himself with, and his fear proved to be justified when Mordo attacked and overpowered him. Mordo then stripped him of his power, and without the energy to sustain himself, Pangborn collapsed back into the crippled state that had marred his life before.[1]


Mystic Arts: Jonathan Pangborn learned to channel extradimensional energy within himself to counteract the debilitating effects of his condition. He was able to walk and run freely despite having earlier suffered crippling injuries to his spine.


Metalworking: Jonathan Pangborn is an experienced metalworker with years of factory engineering experience.


Energy Dependency: Jonathan Pangborn requires mystical control over exadimensional energy to remain able-bodied. Once stripped of his power he reverts to a physically crippled state.

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