Johnny Storm lived in a reality where Doctor Doom conquered Earth after forming an alliance with Annihilus and Kang.[1]

A resistance formed by the Fantastic Four, Namor, Ant-Man, Jean Grey and what was left of the Future Foundation attacked Doctor Doom's base, the Doctor Doom's Castle. During the assault, Johhny's face was disfigured by Doom in retaliation to his banter. Doom subsequently killed all of the Fantastic Four except for Johnny, who left Earth-13266 searching help in another reality.[1]

He ended up in Earth-616 at the Baxter Building, the home of the Future Foundation.[2][3] He helped the FF prevent their reality's Doctor Doom from becoming the Annhilating Conqueror.[4]

At an unspecified time after helping the Future Foundation, Johnny left Earth-616 and journeyed the Multiverse to find his home reality. During his travel, he crossed paths with the Fantastic Four of Earth-616, when they were navigating the Multiverse.[5]

When Johnny realized the illnesses of Earth-616's Fantastic Four was caused because the powers of the other Fantastic Four were transferred to them, Johnny told them that to get their powers back, they would need to go to his reality's Earth, which was under the control of Doctor Doom.[1]

The arrival of Old Johnny and the Fantastic Four caused a divergence from Earth-13266 into Earth-TRN379. While the Fantastic Four helped this reality's Fantastic Four fight Doom, Old Johnny was sent back to Earth-616 along with Franklin and Valeria Richards. Upon arriving to Earth-616, he realized he should've helped fight Doom, and had to finally face him after running from him.

Old Johnny returned in the past of Earth-TRN379, during the battle againist Doom the Annhilating Conqueror, and caused a distraction for Doom, which was vital for both Fantastic Four teams to defeat him, but Johnny was killed by Doom in the process.

To honor him, when back to Earth-616, the Fantastic Four celebrated a party in the Moon.[6]


Seemingly those of the Johnny Storm of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Johnny Storm of Earth-616.

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