Johnny is impulsive, irresponsible side. His personality also reflects his abilities (his hairstyle, a tendency to paint things with hot rod flames, and an aversion to water).


Seemingly those of Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)#Abilities.


Suppression of his flames via water or fire retardant. His powers will not work in a low or zero oxygen environment such as the upper atmosphere or outer space, under water. Johnny also has an acute hydrophobia.


Flame Retardant suit made of Unstable Molecules


Fantasti-Car , Capable of flight, Customized Ford Mustang.

Johnny First Car FFWGH

Johnny's car

  • Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • This versions Human Torch share's personality traits of his Earth-121698 equivalent, namely his shameless self promoting, seeking of personal glory and love of modified cars.
  • This version's Jonathan Storm is prone to fits of screaming when frightened.

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