The past of Johnny Storm on Earth-1815 remains mostly unrecorded. He comes from a world where the government succeeded in pushing Operation: Zero Tolerance that saw all super-humans either eliminated or incarcerated. Accounts state that prior to the passage of these laws, Johnny was a costumed adventurer, suggesting that his origins are similar in nature to his various alternate reality counterparts. However, details are not forthcoming.

Following the passage of Operation: Zero Tolerance, Johnny was imprisoned in one of the many maximum security facilities specially made to detain super-humans. There he developed a bitter hatred toward his human jailers, especially after his inhibitor collar caused him to become infected with gangrene.

When the reality jumping Exiles arrived on Earth-1815, their mission was to find the "greatest leader" of this reality. They istakenly believed this to be Charles Xavier, who in this reality had a bitter hatred over humanity. Freed, Xavier lashed out against humanity, freeing many of those who shared his views to join his terrorist X-Men. Among them was Johnny, who accompanied the group on attacking the New York Stock Exchange.

There Johnny took glee in using his powers to burn the innocent people there. They were opposed by a number of the Exiles. During the clash, Johnny was struck down by an optic blast fired by the Exile's co-leader Mimic. Shortly after, the rest of the X-Men was defeated and Xavier was killed. Johnny's fate remains unrevealed however it's likely he was incarcerated once more.


The Human Torch of Earth-1815 has flame powers that are similar to his Earth-616 counterpart. He can "flame on", covering his body in flame, allowing him to fly and he can also project fireballs. How well he is trained in his powers remain unrecorded.


At one point Johnny was blighted with gangrene, if he got proper treatment for this illness, or if he still suffers from it remains unrevealed.

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