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Real Name
Jonathan Storm
Current Alias
Human Torch
John, Johnnie, James Storm[1]
Invisible Woman (sister)
Base of Operations
The Fantastick
Living Status
Marital Status


While aboard the Fantastick, John encountered a wave of energy from the Sargasso Sea that transformed his body into an element like fire.
Place of Birth
Somewhere in England
Creators and Appearances
First Appearance


John Storm was a young hothead who had to leave London following a duel. Along with his sister, who was escaping a man she did not love, he joined Sir Richard Reed on his explorations, and was caught in the radiation of the Anomaly, turning him into a Human Torch. The Four continued their explorations until they were captured by Otto von Doom where Jonathan was placed under a waterfall to quell his powers. Fortunately he and the Four escaped and joined Sir Nicholas Fury and the Witchbreed on their flying ship.[2]

After the Four's adventure in the New World, John had rejoined high society in England, and once more found himself embroiled in a duel, this time with Lord Wingfoot, who was betrothed to Doris Evans. When he was called upon to battle Otto Von Doom, he kidnapped Doris and took her with them, believing this was for her own good. When the Four arrived at the city of Bensaylum and were forced to parley with Doom and his allies, John earned the loving attention of Numenor's sister Rita which resulted in Doris feeling jealous. John and his sister were then hypnotized by Marko the Sandman under the plot of Numenor and Doom, who intended to kill Reed and Benjamin Grimm and have John and Susan wed to Rita and Numenor respectively. Fortunately, Rita secretly overheard Doom and her cousin's plot and freed John and Susan's hypnosis. After Bensaylum was on the verge of sinking into the ocean, John sought out Rita but couldn't find her as the city sank.

After returning to England, John found common ground with Lord Wingfoot after Doris left them both to go and work for William Shakespeare writing his works for him. However, John was greatly saddened over Rita's loss and apparent death.

Powers and Abilities


See Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)#Powers


See Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)#Abilities

Physical Strength

Normal human male


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