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Mutagenically transformed by cosmic rays into the heroic Human Torch, Johnny Storm is the hothead of the Fantastic Four. Often impetuous and immature, the Torch has a talent for torturing his teammate, The Thing. That is, when he is not speeding around in one of his suped-up hot rods.[1]

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

The Human Torch shows up just after Spidey has left the Daily Bugle, and proceeds to the Power Plant as planned.

Human Torch: "Spidey? Figures. That Web-head is so unreliable."
  • Field Trip To Hell: Grand Central Station is in ruins after the alien attack. Human Torch must destroy all the Turlin Engines!
Reward: For beating the Human Torch's second mission, the player is awarded the Human Torch Card.
  • Torchbearer: Human Torch has discovered the hidden lair of the invaders. He must blaze his way through the corridors.
Reward: For beating the Human Torch's second mission, the player is awarded the Turlin Engine Card.
  • Old Friends: Deep beneath the streets of New York, Human Torch must face one of his closest friends in battle.
Human Torch: "What the?" (Johnny sees his friend Ben, controlled by the Turlin override).
Roekel: "I see I may have underestimated my foes. I believe, you know, each other?"
The Thing: "Come and Get it!"
Human Torch: "Ben!? It's me!?"
The Thing: "Aaarrgghh!!!" (Ben charges at Johnny)
After a tough fight, Torch manages to subdue The Thing.
Human Torch: "Hey Ben, sorry. You know I had no choice."
The Thing: "No worries squirt. You're just lucky that I wasn't feeling myself." (Ben smashes the override device)
Human Torch: "Hey! C'mon Reed would've wanted to study that!"
Before more words can be exchanged Iron Man arrives on the scene.
Iron Man: "Looks like I came too late. is everyone okay?"
The Thing: "Everyone's fine, but there's a certain evil bald creep that's gonna be in a whole world of hurt when I get a hold of him!"
Iron Man: "Yeah, no doubt. Well you best take a breather and regroup with the others. I'm heading to the Power Plant to have a look around. I think we may have missed something..."
  • Cleansing Flame: Human Torch must defeat all enemies!
  • Blazing Speed: Human Torch must defeat 20 enemies in 3 minutes and 30 seconds!
  • Along Came a Spider: A duel to the death is fought between old friends turned enemies. Johnny faces his former ally turned enemy Spider-man, and succumbs to the altered web-slingers strength.
Reward: For defeating the Human Torch the player unlocks the Obliterators Card.
Power Grid[2]
Energy Projection5
Fighting Skills3


Seemingly those of Human Torch of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Human Torch of Earth-616.

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