The history of this incarnation of Jonathan Storm, namely his past and how he got his powers, is most likely identical to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Besides being a member of the Fantastic Four, he is also a friend and sometimes ally of Spider-Man. For example, at some point he brought Spider-Man a sonic blaster invented by Reed Richards to help defeat Venom.

In his first appearance, he is captured by Victor von Doom when he foolishly decides to investigate the villains new lair on his own, rather than wait for his team. Not much later he meets Jack Power, who made the same mistake and thus also got captured. The two of them were freed when the rest of Power Pack and the Fantastic Four attacked the castle. Together, the two teams defeated Doom's army of Doombots.

Some time later, when the Power Family moved to New York, the paths of the Fantastic Four and Power Pack crossed again. First when Cole Wittman and Quagmire stole the weapons from The Wizard to get revenge at Jack Power and Franklin Richards, and later when Victor von Doom managed to capture Franklin and switch bodies with him. Like the rest of his team, Johnny was put under Doom's control with an invention called Servo Disks, but freed from his mind due to the interference of Power Pack.


Seemingly those of Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)#Powers.

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