The past history Johnny Storm of Earth-7940 is comparable or on par with his Earth-616 Counterpart. Much like on Earth-616, Reed went on the same space flight that created the Fantastic Four. Shortly after being exposed to cosmic rays the group relocated to New Amsterdam to find a headquarters. At that time the Thing of Earth-616 came to this reality. He was attempting to travel back in time with a serum that would have cured the Thing at an earlier point in the evolution of his Thing form. The Thing of Earth-616 eventually caught up with his Earth-7940 counterpart and after a battle administered the cure, restoring Thing-7940 back to his human form. Thinking that the changes would affect him once he returned to his own time, Thing-616 left in his Time Platform. [1][note 1]

Without his powers, Ben quit the Fantastic Four and got a job tending bar. The Fantastic Four moved on, recruiting Spider-Man to take Ben's place on the team. While the Fantastic Four had many adventures, battling foes such as Doctor Doom, and the Mole Man. When Galactus arrived to consume the Earth. The Fantastic Four were the first line of defense against the world devourer. Unfortunately, the team was no match for Galactus and they were killed in battle. Galactus then wiped out the rest of Earth's heroes and consumed Earth's life energies, leaving the planet a lifeless husk with the last dregs of humanity fighting for survival.[2]


Seemingly those of the Jonathan Storm of Earth-616.

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  1. As revealed in Marvel Two-In-One #100, Earth-7940 was actually an alternate reality instead of a divergent one. As New York City did not exist and New Amsterdam did instead.

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