The life of Johnny Storm mirrored that his Earth-616 counterpart up until his sister, Sue Richards became pregnant with her second child. While she was carrying her child, Sue Richards was extremely weak and looked unwell, all the time getting progressively worse until it was time for her to have the child. After giving birth to her daughter, Sue Richards passed away and they named the baby after her, Susan.

Johnny later married Alicia Masters, and they helped Reed raise his children, but Franklin wouldn't get anywhere near his little Suzie, proclaiming her to be a monster that would kill everyone.

Jonathan Storm (Earth-91111) from What If Vol 2 30 0002

Eventually, Alicia died under mysterious circumstances, leaving Johnny heartbroken and slightly mad with grief. Franklin worried for his uncle and tried to tell his father that Suzie was a monster, but he didn't listen. Suzie eventually managed to drain the life from Johnny, killing him, before moving on to other people in her life.[1]


Formerly those of Human Torch of Earth-616.

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