Joining the Team

Jonathan Storm was the son of the renowned scientist Franklin Storm, who was at the time working on a machine which could theoretically teleport matter, and people, between two distant places, such as between planets. This "cymatic matter shuttle," as it would be referred to by the young genius who perfected the device, Reed Richards, was close to completion at Franklin's lab facility when Johnny participated in a street race that ended with his car's engine giving out under the pressure of reaching top speed. After being wrapped around a tree, Johnny was released from the hospital into the care of his father with a broken arm and was told that if he ever hoped to earn his car back, he would need to work with his father. Johnny reluctantly agreed, and put his engineering prowess to work alongside his adoptive sister Sue, disgraced scientist Victor von Doom, and the aforementioned Reed Richards.

After completing the machine's first organic trial successfully with a chimpanzee, Johnny, along with Reed, Victor, and Sue, was ready to make the first human journey into whatever lay on the other side of the gateway the machine created, but was denied by the government official funding the project, Dr. Allen, who informed the four disheartened minds that NASA astronauts would be the first ones to make the journey. Later that night, Johnny, Victor, and Reed got drunk out of disappointment and it was pointed out that they would never get credit for being the engineers behind the matter shuttle, citing the example of the fact that the engineers responsible for putting the Apollo 11 mission on the moon were never recognized, but Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were. This prompted Reed to propose that the three of them make the maiden journey to get the credit for their work, to which Johnny and Victor agreed. Reed also invited along his long-time friend and assistant on the project, Ben.

Things Go South

After suiting up, the four managed to remotely activate the machine and teleport themselves to the other planet where the gateway led. After deciding to get out briefly explore, Reed planted an American flag in the ground, causing an energy spike which led the four of them to look over a cliff and find a pool of the energy. Reed, Ben, and Victor decided to climb down the cliff to get a better look, but Johnny was nervous about the energy and warned them that they should leave sooner rather than later. Victor scorned him and told him to be the anchor for their climbing rope, which Johnny accepted. While the four were down by the pool, Victor, against Reed's warnings, touched the pool, which caused an explosion of energy. Johnny frantically attempted to pull the three back up, but Victor was consumed by the energy and fell, horrifying the three of them. In spite of this, Johnny urged the other two to continue moving toward the shuttle, which they did. Once inside, the three encountered issues departing, and as the energy hurtled toward them, Johnny made radio contact with Sue, begging her to remotely bring them back. As she struggled to do so, Johnny's capsule was hit by the energy and he was consumed by fire.

Johnny eventually woke up again sometime later in a government facility but eventually realized that he was covered in fire which didn't burn him. In anguish and fear, he accidentally released a powerful burst of fire which knocked out or killed several scientists studying him while his father looked on in horror.

At some point over the course of a year, during which time Reed had escaped the facility and gone underground, Johnny was given a suit which would allow him to suppress and activate his flames at will. He also found he could fly and shoot fireballs with his powers, and trained with the government to become a new weapon for them similarly to Ben, who had become a super-strong and nigh-indestructible rock-covered thing. He also communed frequently with Sue, who had gained the ability to turn invisible, levitate, and create forcefields. After Reed was tracked down by the combined efforts of Sue, the government, and Ben, the team were set to work on recreating the shuttle which took them to the other planet, now known as Planet Zero. Upon its completion, a team of government explorers were sent to Planet Zero and encountered an injured figure, who they brought back. Johnny, along with Reed, Ben, and Sue, realized before anyone else that the figure had to be Victor.

When Victor woke, he lashed out at the government officials, including Dr. Allen, for bringing him back to Earth, and claimed he was going to destroy it. He then went on to kill numerous agents and soldiers in the facility before arriving at Franklin, who tried to talk him down but failed, and was killed by Victor, now going by Doom. Johnny attempted to immolate Doom out of rage, but failed when Doom used the machine to return to Planet Zero. Reed realized that Doom had intentionally overloaded the machine, which would open a devastating wormhole which could destroy the planet. The four followed Doom through the wormhole and attempted to bring him down, only to be badly defeated themselves. Reed managed to temporarily distract Doom, however, and explained to the group a plan to defeat him. As Ben, Reed, and Sue attacked Doom, Johnny destroyed the supports that were holding up the circle of cosmic energy Doom was using to destroy anything the wormhole had sucked in. The circle fell and, after Ben knocked Doom into the central pillar of energy, Doom was disintegrated. The four returned to Earth through the wormhole just before it could close, and stood in awe of the destructive wake of the wormhole, which had created a huge crater where the government facility had previously stood.

The Future is Bright

Sometime later, the four were approached by government officials, who thanked them for their efforts, and stated that the best way to go forward was to restrain and use the four's powers in the best interests of the military. Reed and Sue proposed a counter-offer, that the four be allowed to operate independently for the best interests of humankind as they knew how to use their powers. When they received pushback from the officials, Ben and Johnny convinced them to say yes instead. The four were granted jurisdiction over a secluded lab facility in the jungle where they had countless aides and technological resources at their disposal. After Reed stated that since they were a team, they would need a name, the four took turns coming up with ideas, with Johnny mainly joking about his ideas. However, after Ben remarked that it was fantastic how far they had come in just a short amount of time, Reed perked up and said that that was it: they would be called the Fantastic Four.[1]


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart, but without the ability to function without a containment suit.


  • Genius-level intellect
  • Street racer
  • Expert engineer


  • Lack of Control: Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, Johnny is unable to willfully control his flames. Without his containment suit, he would be perpetually on fire, though his suit allows him to turn these on and off at will.


  • Containment suit

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