Jonathan Sturm is a powerless, 1950's version of Johnny Storm. His older sister is Susan Sturm. The comic book character Jonathan Storm was based on him.[citation needed]

Johnny spent much of his time with his friend, Richard Mannelman, who later served as an inspiration for the comic villain Mole Man. Richard and Johnny were picked on by an older boy named "Mitchy-Boy", so they ran his car into a pole. When Mitchy-Boy and his friends tried to get back at them, Johnny stole the car and drove it to bonfire party at Southbeach Cove. Mitchy-Boy and his friends caught up with them, and a fight broke out between them and the beatniks there.[citation needed]

Johnny had a crush on Vapor Girl, a comic book character who could turn herself into mist. Johhny preferred her over Jayne Mansfield and Patsy Walker.[citation needed]

In June 1960, Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben Grimm became national heroes as government agents involved in the space program.[citation needed]

  • Johnny Sturm is a fictional character.

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