After the death of the original Blue Streak, a new criminal named Jonathan Swift took over the identity. This Blue Streak was among the villains who survived the Skrull tissue-grafting operation orchestrated by the crime mistress Ricadonna who offered Blue Streak this after freeing the villains from prison.[1]

He was briefly seen skating through New York City before being stopped by Spectrum and arrested.[2]

Blue Streak later formed a group of criminals with suits similar to his, and called them the Fast Five. The first time they acted together, they robbed a bank in New York. People soon alerted the Mighty Avengers of their activitity. They skated through the city before coming across Spectrum and separating to prevent capture. However, the rest of the Mighty Avengers took care of them separately.[3]

Blue Streak and the rest of the Fast Five appeared as inmates at Pleasant Hill.[4]

Blue Streak was later seen as a member of the Army of Evil.[5]


  • Blue Streak's Suit: The Blue Streak used special armor as well as rocket-powered skates, enabling him to reach up to 125 miles per hour. The Blue Streak could also leap fair distances and even climb vertical surfaces. Retro-rockets in the toes enabled him to break instantly or travel backwards.


  • Blue Streak employed powerful lasers mounted on his forearms, capable of melting through 2" steel plates in 30 seconds. He also carried tacks capable of puncturing tires.

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